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Roseberry Care Centres recognises that choosing a Care Home for a loved one is among the most difficult choices that you will ever have to make. It is a choice that is often made in times of upset, worry and confusion. At these times, it is useful to have sound, independent and respected advice.

Care Quality Commission

All of our homes are registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Roseberry Care Centres work closely with the Care Quality Commission in ensuring that the care given within our Care Homes is to the highest possible standard.

The Care Quality Commission is a body that was set up in April 2009. It replaced the Healthcare Commission, the Commission for Social Care Inspection and the Mental Health Act Commission.

The function of the CQC is assuring safety and quality, assessing the performance of commissioners and providers, monitoring the operation of the Mental Health Act and ensuring that regulation and inspection activity across health and adult social care is coordinated and managed. It acts as a single, integrated regulator for health and adult social care.

All health and adult social care providers that come within the future scope of registration are required to register with the Care Quality Commission. In order to be granted registration, care providers need to demonstrate that they can meet, or are already meeting, the registration requirements. To maintain their registration they need to demonstrate an ongoing ability to meet the requirements.

You can find a link to the most recent report for our care homes on their individual web-pages.

Fee’s & Funding for Care

In our experience, nothing confuses people more than the fees and funding arrangements for paying for a loved one’s care in a residential setting. The rules around fees are very complicated and we would advise families to speak to your Social Worker about this where possible.

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Please feel free to speak to your local Roseberry Care Centre Manager who will be happy to explain more about our charges.

Guides to choosing a Home

Roseberry Care Centres recognises that choosing a Care Home for a loved one is among the most difficult choices that you will ever have to make. It is a choice that is often made in times of upset, worry and confusion. At these times, it is useful to have sound, independent and respected advice.

To assist you in making this decision, we have included some links below to national organisations who have developed literature that is designed to help in making this difficult choice:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Home Visits
  • Fees
  • Level of Care
  • Meals
  • Rooms
  • Activities

Q: How do I arrange a visit to visit a home?

A: Follow the link on our website to find the home you wish to visit, the contact details are available on the page. You can then arrange with the manager when you wish to visit and the staff will ensure there is someone to greet you. You can also telephone the home if you would like to request a brochure and any other information that you feel may assist you.

Alternatively, you can contact our head office and arrange a visit to a home through them.

Q: Are visitors welcome?

A: Your visitors are welcome anytime that you wish, we do respectfully request that mealtimes are avoided as we do promote protected mealtimes; this allows all of our residents to enjoy their meal and dine undisturbed.

Q: How much will the care cost and who pays for this?

A: The fee level is determined by the type of care required, some people are assessed as requiring a home that has qualified nurses on duty others are not, every person is assessed. There are also considerations regarding income and assets which again is very individual, please see the area of our website that provides some guidance in relation to fees.

Q: How will the home know that they can look after me?

A: The staff at the home will arrange to visit you to carry out an assessment. This is a way for the home to find out about you and your needs; it will also provide you with time to ask any questions you may have.

Q: Who inspects the home and how will I know what standard the home is?

A: All our homes are registered with the Care Quality Commission, an inspector from CQC will inspect the home, a copy of the last report is available in the home, this can also be accessed via the website.

Q: How can I ensure my belongings are protected?

A: We recommend that you take insurance for your valuables should you bring them to the home as we cannot accept responsibility. We can provide you with a key to your room so that you can lock it should you choose to. Upon arriving at the home we will carry out a full inventory and know exactly what belongings you have. We can look after small amounts of cash and valuables in our safe. We request that you inform us of any valuables you have on admission.

Q: Is there a choice of meals and snacks?

A: All of our homes have menu choices and cater for special dietary needs. Snacks and drinks are always available. On admission staff will ask for any preferences you may have, likes and dislikes or allergies. Menus are also available to view.

Q: Can I bring my own possessions into the home?

A: It is important for all of us to have personal belongings around us and we encourage this in all of our homes. Once a decision has been made to move into one of our homes it is important to view the room chosen and ensure that there is enough space to safely accommodate what you wish to bring. The maintenance person will be happy to mount any pictures you wish to bring and help you arrange the room.

Q: Can I have my own television and telephone in my room?

A: All our homes have television points so that is not a problem. Should you wish to have your own landline this would need to be arranged, you can discuss this with the Home Manager. Obviously, any costs associated with the installation of a landline would need to be met in full by you. Please note that that all electrical items are subject to PAT safety testing to comply with our statutory requirements.

Q: Will I be able to see a hairdresser and chiropodist at the home?

A: We provide hairdressing and chiropody services at each home. There will be an additional charge for these services. Information relating to these charges is available at home level.

Q: Are there any social activities available?

A: We recognise the importance of socialisation and pursuit of interests, and all homes have an Activities Co-ordinator employed specifically for this purpose. There is a wide range of activities available and each home has this information displayed for you to access. The staff will also be asking what your interests are and how they can assist you to maintain these. There are also meetings held which you can attend if you wish and suggestions regarding social activities are always welcome.

Q: How do I know what is happening in the home and how can I be involved?

A: At Roseberry Care Centres we actively encourage participation from residents and relatives, we have meetings to keep you up to date with what is happening in the home but most important of all to seek your views and suggestions about what you would like to see happening. We also carry out surveys, have comments books and an open-door policy for those who prefer to pass on their thoughts in other ways.

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